07-26-14 Pop Up Meetup: Salud Beer Shop & Red Light Winter by Appalachian Creative Theatre at UpStage

Date: July 26, 2014 | Drinks start at 5:00 pm & Show starts at 7:00 pm


While Brews+Bards is meant to be a once-quarterly meetup group, it doesn’t mean we stop going to breweries or to the theatre. As we come across shows or craft beer events we are interested in attending, we want to let everyone know where you might find some of the Brews+Bards gang! We’re calling them “Pop Up” events, and we hope you’ll consider attending. These events aren’t nearly as coordinated and won’t necessarily involve both a brews and bards portion to the night.

For our next Pop Up meetup, we invite you to Salud Beer Shop for drinks followed by Appalachian Creative Theatre’s production of “Red Light Winter” at UpStage in NoDa on July 26th…Read More